a database of retrotransposon insertion
polymorphisms in humans
Liang Lab

Position Mapping

A search engine designed to allow users, in a batch style, to compare a new list of RIPs with RIPs in dbRIP and identify which are novel (not in dbRIP) and which are known (overlaps with RIPs in dbRIP). The search is based on the genome locations of RIPs in the selected version of the reference genome.

PositionMapping: Input data can be provided in the text box below or uploaded as a delimited text file.

The input should be formatted with one entry per line. Each entry should contain the chromosome, chromStart, and chromEnd in BED format (i.e. chr1:20000-20005). A test data set is available here.

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Job Title   (optional)

Maximal Distance allowed between RIP and given range   (default is 20 bp)

Genome (make sure it matches the freeze, on which the input positions are based on)

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