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SearchdbRIP is designed to provide an enhanced interface for fast and/or advanced RIP queries that may not be available within the genome browser.

Quick Search: Search dbRIP by databaseIDs, by originalIDs or by locations
(e.g. 1001461, Ya5NBC132, chr7, chrY:1-20000, etc.. Multiple IDs/locations should be delimited by commas):

  or upload from file (one ID per line):
in Genome

Advanced Search:  Search dbRIP by specifying the search criteria from below: 
Located on chromosome  AND also located in genomic region  AND

with insertion identified from  AND From subfamily  AND

from ethnic group   OR NOT from ethnic group   AND

with polymorphism frequency from to  OR with polymorphism levels of  AND

with resolution level of  AND

with sequence integrity level of  (available only for hg19) AND

associated with disease (type in a disease name or "all" or leave it blank) AND

published by author (last name only, e.g., "Batzer"; case sensitive; can leave it blank)

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